Why join us as Instructors ?

Customer Service

Connect with New Students

Increase Exposure

Payment Gateway

Reduce Cost

Reduce your customer service cost as we will help handle some questions.

Find new students to enroll in your workshops. Ratings and reviews in our website will help attract new students.

Improved visibility using our website, instagram, facebook, etc. Focus on your workshop and we will help to promote it.

Reduce the complexity for your potential student to purchase ticket. We accept bank transfer, go pay, credit card, etc.

Minimal fee for our marketing efforts compared to google adwords or instagram ads. For your existing students with referral fee, you only need to pay admin fee.

4 Simple Steps for Instructors

Fill in the application form

Fill in the workshop form

Get students list

Receive payment

We will process your application in 2-3 working days.

We will process your workshop registration in 1 working days.

We will update you on the number students registered on your workshop.

Withdraw your payment once the workshop is finished.

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