About Us

About Us


Ayoloka is a digital marketplace for workshops.This platform helps to connect instructors and students all over Indonesia.

The meaning of our name comes from Indonesian words “ayo” and “loka” from “loka karya”.

It means simply let us join workshop to broaden our knowledge.

Our mission is to make workshops more accessible for instructors and students using technology.

Some of our key features are:

  • Find Workshops in Seconds

Discover workshops with our powerful search based on keyword.Filter based on location, category, instructors, price, and others.

  • Read the Details

Contact the instructors, choose the date, buy different types of tickets, and many more.Now you can find out instantly whether there is still empty slot or not.

  • Pay Online

Choose from variety of payment methods and earn points for subsequent workshops that you plan to attend.We accept Go Pay, credit card, bank transfer, etc.